AStar Maths

Welcome to AStar Maths, offering Primary, Secondary and Adult tuition.


KS3 Maths tuition

Tuition for students aged 11-14 covers all key curriculum areas of Maths at this level.
As parents will appreciate, it is vital that students build these essential skills, in order to be able to progress successfully with GCSE Level work in Years 10 and 11.

KS4 Maths tuition

Clearly, it is vital that students succeed in gaining GCSE Level qualifications in Maths, in order to progress successfully to A Level studies and Higher education.
Further, a number of important career opportunities are dependent on successfully achieving a GCSE qualification in this key subject -examples of this being teaching and nursing.
Students may need support at KS4 level for a number of reasons, for example, gaps in learning following the recent Pandemic, or as a result of illness.

We provide a positive, effective, and friendly approach, aiming to build confidence and provide effective support and planning for success in GCSE exams.

Adult Learning

Our one-to-one approach is ideal for adults who want to achieve a specific goal in Maths. For example, individuals may be looking for support in gaining a GCSE Maths qualification, as a necessary step in gaining access to training for a professional qualification in careers such as teaching or nursing.

Adults may also be looking for assistance in gaining a qualification such as ‘Functional Maths’ in order to progress their career or education.

We are able to help adults succeed in achieving a range of goals.

Call or email us. We would be happy to discuss your individual needs.


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